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mod post: new layout!

Check it out:


Your fabulous co-mod darlingdivine provided the lovely header, and thefulcrum provided the layout. Hopefully things look better and more organized! Let us know what you think. :)



mod post: layout

Hey all!

Just a quick note that darlingdivine and I are cooking up a new layout, so my apologies if things look a bit wonky for a bit.

I promise it'll be worth it! :)



American Idol Season 10 alum, Haley Reinhart, teased her fans last night with some big news. After a couple of tweets hinting at big news to come, she finally announced that her first single from her upcoming album will be released on March 1.

Hi there beautiful spirits of the world. I’ve got some big plans… Followed up by some big news heheee! #yawantin? I feel like I’ve made yaz wait long enough. So I won’t make you do any of that much longer… Like I am right now….;) heheeee! All the hard work is finally coming together to pay off….. Thanks for sticking around and ya know, helpin’ a girls dream come true…My first single will be released… Bum bum bummmmmmmmmm!!!!! Onnnnnnn…………………………………………. March 1, 2012.

That means her debut album, set to be released on Interscope Records, can’t be far behind. Hooray!



Rank (Top 10) Best Haley Performances

So, I'll admit, I'm curious Haliens:

She's a great performer, but what song was her pinnacle?

As if we don't all love to quantify things. Haley Reinhart is splendid, that we know, however out of all her performances on Idol which ones were the most laudable? Rank your personal Top 10 performances by Haley from the performances you don't like as much to your top favorites where you feel she did the best. Also provide some reasoning for your choices if you feel so inclined. Prepare to see some interesting opinions! Debate if you want; but mostly just enjoy seeing what other people think about our lady. :)

Dreamwidth announcement

x-posted to all of the LJ comms I maintain, so apologies if you see this multiple times on your flist.

Not too long ago I created The Lady Reinhart Dreamwidth Community because of all of the crap LJ was going through. Well, Dreamwidth recently announced that starting next week, they will have COMMUNITY IMPORTING. So everything from this community will be imported into the Dreamwidth community, and therefore you'll have 24/7 access to everything in the comm even when LJ is down.

Also, Dreamwidth is allowing everyone to make an account WITHOUT AN INVITE CODE for the remainder of 2011. So if you always wanted an DW account or want to switch exclusively to DW but couldn't because all of your favorite comms were here at LJ...never fear!

So, good news to those of you who have made the great migration over to DW! And entries made there will still be cross-posted here to LJ, of course. Happy holidays, and I hope to see you over at DW. :)


Live Chat!

Hey BOP and Tiger Beat readers – we have a treat for you!
Haley and Casey from Season 11′s American Idol are stopping by our offices this Monday, December 12. We’ll be chatting with them LIVE for all of you to see… and we will be selecting a few readers to jump online to participate in the video chat to ask Haley and Casey a question directly! Here’s your chance to hear from these American Idol superstars about what it’s been like being famous, and getting a chance to show everyone their talent!

Check it out HERE at 4 pm PST!


BICO available to download!

"Baby It's Cold Outside" is now available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon mp3! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams performed at the Magnificent Mile in Chicago Saturday afternoon as part of the shopping area’s 20th annual Lights Festival.

It was the live debut of their new Christmas single “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, set to be released on Tuesday. Speaking of which…where the heck are their coats? I’m cold just looking at them.

The duo also sang their Idol duet “Moanin” and a cover of the Beatles’ “All My Loving”.

Later, Casey and Haley performed “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from a top a parade float!

videos under the cut!Collapse )



Haley Reinhart, American Idol 10 finalist
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